Service closing down April 1, 2022, contact if you want to export your data


Bringing Doris into your world

We make it easy for you to integrate with Doris wherever you are, whatever you're doing.

We have free and paid versions of our iPhone app that integrate seamlessly with Doris. The app also works for iPod Touch. Learn more »

DorisDesktop is now available for all Mac users. The desktop version of Doris currently offers the most benefits of all our apps, ie, it's the fastest, you can manage notes for your tasks and you can drag and drop URLs to convert them into tasks. Learn more »

Note: Requires Snow Leopard (OS X 10.6 or greater)

The Doris Opera widget allows you to interact with your Doris account on almost any mobile phone. Officially supported phones are Nokia 6210, Nokia N78, Nokia N95 8gb, Nokia N96 but any mobile that supports version 9.5 (beta) of the Opera browser or the Vodafone Apps Manager should work fine. Download the widget here or from the Vodafone site or from the Opera site.

Note: The widget is known to have issues with Windows mobile 5.0 and Opera mini.

Send tasks to Doris straight from your Twitter account. Coming soon.

Integration with Apple Mail allows you to send tasks to Doris straight from your mail program. Coming soon.