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Introducing Doris Desktop

Integrated right into your workflow

Doris Desktop is a new Task Management app for power users.
Take your productivity to the next level.

  • Native OS X app
  • Synchronised with the Browser and iPhone versions
  • Quick keyboard navigation
  • Easily manage huge task lists
  • Integrated with iCal for reminders across devices


  • Easy prioritisation: assign task priority using drag and drop
  • Notes: add notes to your tasks
  • iCal integration: have your tasks show up in iCal
  • Online sync: your tasks are always in sync with the server


  • Reporting: quick overview of Important tasks, your Inbox and tasks assigned to Today
  • High capacity: quickly sync hundreds of tasks with the server
  • Lightweight: small memory footprint
  • Integration: your account is automatically synced on the web, Mac and iPhone

Create Tasks Easily

Create tasks quickly and easily.

Quick Search

Find any task in a few keystrokes.

Focus on Today

Plan what you're going to do today.

Estimate Task Times

Make the best use of your time.

Sync with iCal

Keep all event related info in one place.

iPhone/Web/Mac Integration

Stay on top of your task list on the go.

Why the Mac App?

The web is unreliable, browsers buggy, it's easy to lose your windows - a native Mac app is a much better way to manage and interact with something as important as your task list.

That's why we've built Doris Desktop. Now you can really take control of your task list and manage your goals more effectively.

Need more info?

Just send us an email and we'll be happy to answer any of your questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set task priority?

Task priority is established by simply placing a task at the top of its group list. Tasks at the top can be considered high priority and those at the bottom, low. Drag and drop tasks to change their position in a list.

How does iCal integration work?

iCal integration works the same way as you may have experienced in your program. When you type in a description for your task, if you mention a day, date or keyword like Today, Tomorrow and specific times like 3pm or 4 o'clock, the date phrase will become underlined, then you can click the link to open iCal's New Task dialog.

How do I re-order a group?

Drag and drop groups to change their order. Note that you can't drag a group into the Shortcuts section, this is a meta section that allows you to do quick reports on your whole task list.

Can I drag multiple tasks to a new group?

Dragging multiple tasks is not yet supported.

Does Doris Desktop work offline?

No, it doesn't. The app will warn you if you try and make changes when you are not connected to the Internet.

My login details are not recognised ...

Logging in generally works very smoothly. If you are having any issues get in touch and we'll sort you out.

How do I delete my account?

Send us an email mentioning you want your account deleted and we'll take care of it.

Is my data private and safe?

Doris is not currently using a secure (HTTPS) connection for data transfer, therefore you are not advised to store any sensitive items in your account, like bank passwords, etc.

How come deleting a group moves its tasks to the Inbox?

The inbox represents all tasks that have not yet been grouped. An option may later be added to delete corresponding tasks.

Can I request a feature?

Absolutely, see what's been requested then add your request if it's not already on the list.

Is the service reliable?

Very much so, check out our 100% uptime over the (nearly) last 2 years.

How can I get support?

Of course, just get in touch and we'll get back to you as fast as we can.

Keyboard Shortcuts

⌘ N
New Task
⌘ ⏎
Submit New Task (in modal)
⌘ ⏎
Submit Task Description
Edit Task (task selected)
Delete Task (task selected)
⌘ G
New Group
Edit Group (group selected)
Delete Group
⌘ 1
⌘ 2
⌘ 3
⌘ F
⌘ E
Toggle Estimates View
⌘ R
Sync (refresh)


Version 1.11, Aug 16th, 2012
App completely rewritten with multi-threading support and Cocoa bindings
Easily flag tasks for Today, Inbox and Important
Add estimated times to tasks
Improved login
Support for tasks within multiple groups
Better organisation of groups
More keyboard shortcuts with cheatsheet
App warns if you're offline

iCal integration fixed (support for data detectors added)
Smartlinks work better

Version 1.10, Jul 29th, 2011
2011-06-20  Fixed a number of issues caused by Lion, like old data being cached
2011-06-20  Removed dependency on BWToolKit that's no longer supported by Xcode 4.1

Version 1.9, Jul 20th, 2011
2011-06-20  Initial Lion compatibility

Version 1.8, Jul 4th, 2011
2011-06-27  Added tooltips for new group + task buttons
2011-06-27  Return key now submits new tasks
2011-06-20  Link detection added in task description, as well as spell checker and auto-correction
2011-06-20  Data detectors enabled, effectively iCal integration
2011-06-20  Added links in Help section for online help and feature requests sites
2011-06-20  Restricted to Snow Leopard and added warning for other users

Version 1.7, Jun 16th, 2011
2011-06-13  Refresh action dependent on view context
2011-06-12  Added feedback button
2011-06-12  Added task breakdown chart
2011-06-10  Improved loading indicator and dates
2011-05-28  UI tweaks
2011-05-26  Added History view
2011-05-20  Current username in title bar

2011-06-13  Fixed problem where task description was not editing properly

Version 1.6, May 19th, 2011
2011-05-18  Fixed ability to tab through fields when adding new task 
2011-05-18  Disabled multiple selection of tasks
2011-05-14  Command r to refresh tasks and sync
2011-05-13  Group folder icon based on type: group, today or inbox
2011-05-13  Badge added to icon in doc for current number of open tasks in Today
2011-05-13  Fixed more wrong task and group selection bugs
2011-05-13  Total task count added to window title

Version 1.5, May 6th, 2011
2011-05-06  You can now reassign tasks to groups with drag and drop
2011-05-06  Groups can be reordered with drag and drop

2011-05-06  Fixed bug where currently selected task could scroll out of view
2011-05-03  Fixed delete group
2011-05-03  Fixed wrong task and group selection after actions
2011-05-03  Fixed drag and drop for reordering tasks

Version 1.4, Mar 17th, 2011
2011-03-17  Fixed compatibility with OS X 10.5 Leopard
2011-03-17  Fixed selection, correct group selected after adding/deleting task

Version 1.3, Mar 11th, 2011
2011-03-11  UI overhaul
2011-03-10  use  G for new group,  to dismiss any panel

Version 1.2, Feb 28th, 2011
2011-02-28  added ability to mark tasks as done (refresh to clear)
2011-02-28  UI tweaks, now use  N for new task,  to toggle Done (Full Keyboard Access must be enabled in system prefs)

Version 1.1, Feb 8th, 2011
2011-02-05  fixed count bug and group switching
2011-02-04  tasks description can now be edited correctly

2011-02-07  made it easier for new users to sign up
2011-02-07  confirmations add for deleting groups and tasks
2011-02-04  new tasks inserted at top of list, now using modal dialog for easier entry
2011-02-01  app runs globally from menu bar
2011-02-01  login workflow improved
2011-02-01  passwords now saved to Keychain
2011-01-03  implemented reordering of tasks with drag/drop
2010-12-03  implemented drag/drop support for saving URLs as tasks
2010-12-03  added support for task descriptions

Version 1.0, Dec 3rd, 2010
2010-12-01  first version, basic features