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The Doris Story

Doris is an easy-to-use productivity tool for busy people on the go

Whether you switch computers often, or indeed are not even near a computer, Doris makes it easy to keep track of the things you need to get done, wherever you are.


When we built Doris, as is often the case, we built it out of a need to be able to quickly and easily organise our workflows. We took a good look at what was available on the market, free and paid, and concluded nothing properly met our needs.

Our requirements were quite simple:

  • Simplicity: we have often been overwhelmed by the amount of projects, tasks, deadlines and priorities that needed to be tracked - we needed an app that didn't get in our way, made it simple to manage work, and that allowed for hiding complexity.
  • Great usability: the UI had to be fantastic, frictionless, fast, minimum clicks, keyboard optimised and of course very responsive.
  • Speed: there almost seems to be a requirement in GTD circles to make Todo apps as complicated and painful as possible. Reminds me of submitting bugs in Bugzilla where you need to fill in 50 fields per ticket as opposed to Trac where you need 2. Typical task options we've seen are priority, category, mood, colour, status, due date, flagged, starred, notes, tags, contexts ... no kidding, just unbelievable! So with Doris we wanted single field, keyboard-friendly task entry. Lightning entry! We do actually make other aspects of classification available to users, but these must be enabled in your settings first.

So Doris is our take on task management and productivity - we hope you like it. We have an active user feedback forum and listen carefully to our users' requests, so please let us know your input.

We also view collaboration as an essential ingredient for any productivity app, and will be releasing team features in the near future, stay tuned!

What's up with the name?

We just like the name Doris, it's memorable, and it makes us think of our very own, dedicated personal assistant who helps us keep track of our workload.

In Britain, if you're from the north 'Doris' means an attractive girl, in the south it means your wife!


If you checkout the feedback on our UserVoice site you'll see we are basically implementing the most voted requests one-by-one. Some of the best ideas behind Doris have come from our users, not to mention translations into 14 languages and counting, and we're very proud to be working with such a dynamic bunch of people!

Where is Doris headed?

Our goal is to become the best task management and collaboration app on the web, mobile and desktop.

Setting high targets? Absolutely. Doris is an essential part of our every day productivity and we want to work with the community to make her even better.

Who built Doris?

Seagull Systems is a privately held limited company based in London, serving both the UK and international markets. We're passionate about leveraging technology to improve quality of life and build communities.

We've been doing web development since 1997 and have moved over to building our own products in the last few years.

Your data

We backup all Doris' data nightly and store a copy on a separate server. You are in control of all your data stored on Doris servers and can export it at any time.

Need more info?

Just shoot us an email and we'll be happy to answer any of your questions.