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Get Doris on your iPhone

Use Doris, the free productivity service, from the comfort of your iPhone

Use the familiar iPhone interface to create lists of tasks and organise them into groups. Unlike other Todo apps, Doris is designed without an imposed structure, so you can use the freeflow grouping for a surprising amount of things. Here are a few examples:

  • New Year's resolutions
  • DIY tasks you want to avoid
  • Learning new vocabulary
  • Shopping and wish lists


  • Add, edit and reorder groups and todo items easily
  • Sync with website, and vice versa
  • Landscape mode support for easy viewing
  • Quickview to see all groups and items in one screen
  • View your activity history

Free Version

  • All the features from the full version
  • Full sync with website only on first launch
  • Designed for standalone usage
  • Download from the AppStore

About the author

Doris was developed by Seagull Systems, a software development company with a history to success stories.

We built sites like Kindo, the family oriented social network; Babyfy, a baby reviews site for parents, and Artflock, online creative community for buying and selling art.


Doris was designed by The Noble Union, a design company based in London.

Specialising in design and usability, we've designed effective websites and user interfaces for many startups.

Oh, and, we love what we do.

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