Doris for iPhone Update Available in the AppStore

September 4th, 2012 by Demian Turner

New doris

A long overdue update for the Doris iPhone app is now available in the appstore.  This update includes partial support for the new features recently introduced in the Mac version of the app.  Also the graphics are now retina ready.

Fixed Windows7 Login Problems on the Web App

June 26th, 2012 by Demian Turner

Some users reported problems logging in on Windows 7 so we investigated the issue.  It turns out there was a javascript problem that affected only Windows 7 users using Internet Explorer 8 only, the browser worked fine on all other versions of Windows.

The problem has now been fixed.

We also fixed an issue that was affecting some users where the task count per group wasn’t working properly.

Please let me know if you discover any other issues.

By the way, we’ve going to be making some changes to the database in the next few days to get ready to the new release of Doris Desktop on the Mac App Store.  The planned outage will be advertised on the site and most likely very short.

DorisDesktop 1.10 – Lion Fixes

July 29th, 2011 by Demian Turner

Doris Desktop 1.10 is now ready to download.  There were a number of things that changes in Lion broke, in particular old data was being cached, all fixed in this latest version.

DorisDesktop 1.9 – Lion Compatible

July 20th, 2011 by Demian Turner

NewImageDoris Desktop 1.9 is now ready to download.  A small fix was required to make it Lion compatible.

DorisDesktop 1.8 – iCal integration

July 4th, 2011 by Demian Turner

Doris Desktop 1.8 is now ready to download from the new, dedicated website.

Screen shot 2011 07 04 at July 4 11 41 24

New in this release:

  • Link detection added in task description, as well as spell checker and auto-correction
  • Data detectors enabled, effectively this means we have iCal integration!
  • Added links in Help section for online help and feature requests sites
  • Restricted to Snow Leopard and added warning for other users
  • some minor UI tweaks, like now you can use the Return key to submit new tasks

DorisDesktop 1.7 – multiviews with graphs

June 16th, 2011 by Demian Turner

DorisDesktop1 7 Download DorisDesktop 1.7 here

DorisDesktop is still in beta but will be released in the Mac AppStore in July.  The new release, which is currently for Snow Leopard users only, has the following features:

  • multiviews: view your current tasks, task history and graphs
  • 2 report graphs: productivity by task and tasks completed by date
  • UI improvements and better indication of loading data
  • improved installer as you can see from the pic
  • feedback button: please use it to let me know what you think of the app so far, and which features/improvements you’d like to see
  • remember to make sure you have 1 group called Inbox and another called Today, you’ll get custom icons

My apologies to Leopard users, there is currently a glitch which will cause the app to crash for you, I’m on the case and it should be fixed shortly I’m afraid the app will be Snow Leopard only from now on, OS X 10.6 and above are required.


DorisDesktop 1.6

May 19th, 2011 by Demian Turner

Dear Mac users,  please upgrade to the latest version of DorisDesktop:

Download the latest version of DorisDesktop

This latest version fixes a lot of usability bugs and is recommended for all users.  This will be the last update before I introduce the new multiple view layout that will make a History view possible and some other nice surprises.

1 6 screengrab

Here’s what’s updated:

  • Fixed ability to tab through fields when adding new task
  • Disabled multiple selection of tasks
  • Added command r to refresh tasks and sync
  • Badge added to icon in doc for current number of open tasks in Today
  • Fixed wrong task and group selection bugs
  • Total task count added to window title
  • Group folder icon based on type: group, today or inbox

For this last item, if you have a folder called Today (it’s not mandatory) you’ll get a nice checkmark icon for it.  And if you name one of your groups Inbox you’ll get the appropriate icon.


DorisDesktop 1.5 – Drag and Drop

May 6th, 2011 by Demian Turner

Mac users please upgrade to the latest version of DorisDesktop

Download the latest version of DorisDesktop

This release includes many improvements and bugfixes.


  • You can now reassign tasks to new groups with drag and drop
  • Groups can be reordered with drag and drop


  • Fixed bug where currently selected task could scroll out of view
  • Fixed group deletion
  • Fixed wrong task and group selection after actions
  • Fixed drag and drop for reordering tasks

See the CHANGELOG for the list of changes.


DorisDesktop 1.4 – Leopard compatible

March 17th, 2011 by Demian Turner

Thanks to a patch issued earlier today by @Perspx whose library I use to get the nice group counts, DorisDesktop is now working fine for Snow Leopard and Leopard!

Download the latest version of DorisDesktop

Also fixed a bug where the wrong group would be selected after you added/deleted tasks.

DorisDesktop 1.3 – Complete UI Overhaul

March 14th, 2011 by Demian Turner

1 3 screengrab

Check out the latest version of DorisDesktop – I’ve done a complete UI overhaul and it’s much more pleasant to use.  UI improvements include:

  • Apple Mail like interface with task counts per group
  • date creation and update times in collapsible panel
  • better keyboard controls:
    • use <command> N for new Task
    • use <command> G for new Group
    • <spacebar> to toggle completed Task (Full Keyboard Access must be enabled in system prefs)
    • <del> key to delete any selected Group or Task
    • <esc> to dismiss any panel
  • much better speed/performance than all other versions
  • see the CHANGELOG for the list of changes

The last vital features that’s missing is the ability to drag tasks between groups, this will be implemented in the next release.

NB: There is a problem with one of the new components so this release only works on Snow Leopard, this should be fixed by next release.

Give this early beta a try while it’s still free and please send any comments, all feedback appreciated!