Moving from Get Satisfaction to UserVoice

February 14th, 2009 by Demian Turner


We had a number of complaints, understandably, from users who wanted to leave feedback or suggestions and were being forced to go through a second registration at our Get Satisfaction site.

I have to admit when I selected the service I never imagined it would force users to sign up before accepting any comments, and that anonymous posting was out of the question.

After a lengthy exchange with the folks over at GetSatisfaction it became clear they have no plans to allow anonymous posting. ┬áDuplicate signups go completely against the Doris mantra of simplicity, so I’ve moved our customer support over to UserVoice, which in fact seems easier to use, easier to read, and allows anonymous posts!

All submitted ideas have been moved across, as have the votes for each idea.  So please accept my apology for the slight disruption and I hope you find less friction with UserVoice.