Beta Testers Needed for Doris Desktop!

July 6th, 2012 by Demian Turner

Now the data migration on the server is complete there’s a lot more you can do with your task management. ┬áThe following new features are (currently) available only on the Desktop version of the app, to be released on the Mac AppStore in the next week or two:

  • search through all your tasks
  • flag something as for Today, Important or belonging to your Inbox: this way you can easily manage the state of tasks without changing what group they’re in
  • iCal integration: enter something like “call Carol tomorrow at 6pm” and the task is recognised as an event which can be sent to iCal in one click
  • add estimated times to tasks and get a total count of hours per group
  • offline warning: the app will warn you if you don’t have a network connection

To make sure the new features are reliable I’d like to invite anyone who wants to be a beta tester to send an email to ┬áTesters will receive a free version of the app when it goes live.

NB: You need to be a Mac user on Lion

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2 Responses to “Beta Testers Needed for Doris Desktop!”

  1. kin yung ku says:

    wants to be a beta tester. please.

  2. Demian Turner says:

    The app has been live for some time, you can find it here

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