DorisDesktop 1.7 – multiviews with graphs

June 16th, 2011 by Demian Turner

DorisDesktop1 7 Download DorisDesktop 1.7 here

DorisDesktop is still in beta but will be released in the Mac AppStore in July.  The new release, which is currently for Snow Leopard users only, has the following features:

  • multiviews: view your current tasks, task history and graphs
  • 2 report graphs: productivity by task and tasks completed by date
  • UI improvements and better indication of loading data
  • improved installer as you can see from the pic
  • feedback button: please use it to let me know what you think of the app so far, and which features/improvements you’d like to see
  • remember to make sure you have 1 group called Inbox and another called Today, you’ll get custom icons

My apologies to Leopard users, there is currently a glitch which will cause the app to crash for you, I’m on the case and it should be fixed shortly I’m afraid the app will be Snow Leopard only from now on, OS X 10.6 and above are required.


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7 Responses to “DorisDesktop 1.7 – multiviews with graphs”

  1. Irak says:

    Every time the app crash, only i put my acount, my pass and press enter and then the app close. why? I have a imac with leopard 10.5.8 …

  2. Demian Turner says:

    HI Irak – that’s right, as stated in the blog post the app’s not working for Leopard, which btw is OS X 10.5.x. The current release of DorisDesktop is only working for Snow Leopard, ie 10.6.x, I’m working on a fix for older versions of OS X.

  3. Irak says:

    Hi, Demian. Tnks so much for the reply. Keep the good work.

  4. Frédéric de Villamil says:

    I’ve been a Doris user for a while (01/25/2010 according to my profile), and I’ve converted many colleagues to Doris. And I’m still a happy Doris user.

    I love the idea of a desktop application but… why can’t I submit a form by hitting enter? This is one of the most stupid UX idea I’ve ever seen. Please, change this. (SL, qwerty accentuated keyboard if this helps).


  5. Demian Turner says:

    Hi Frédéric – thanks for your feedback! And for the conversions, I’m always looking for people to spread the good word :-)

    I updated the UI so the return key now submits for adding new tasks, I’m expecting the next release out in the next few days. But we’re going to be Snow Leopard only now, I hope you’ve updated?

  6. Frédéric de Villamil says:

    Thank you very much.
    I’m using Snow Leopard and plan to switch to Lion beta very soon as I’m developing apps. BTW, i you need beta testers for iOS5 on iPhone, please ask.

  7. Demian Turner says:

    Cool. Going to add a few more fixes to DorisDesktop before pushing to the appstore, then the next objective is to bring the iphone app up to speed, it needs some TLC!

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