New Doris updates in AppStore

May 28th, 2009 by Demian Turner

VersionĀ 1.1.3 became available yesterday in the AppStore – please update to get important stability fixes and improvements in performance.

Both regular and LITE updates are available.

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4 Responses to “New Doris updates in AppStore”

  1. Tom Woodhams says:

    Any idea if there is a new version of the iphone app coming out?
    The iPhone app 1.1.3 is crashing on launch for me and a colleague daily (does not crash if wifi is disabled).
    We would like to see some of the new iPhone OS 3.0 features like push notification etc.


  2. Demian Turner says:

    Hi Tom, thanks for the bug report, anyone else having similar problems? For me it works fine, perhaps another app has made your iPhone unstable?

    Regarding releases, yes we have another one in the pipe with multiple task adding made easier.

  3. LeslieFisher says:

    Dear Demian Turner,
    Am I stupid and missing something obvious here?
    I can workout how to add a note to a task using Doris on the web, but can’t for the life of me work out how to either enter or see a note on the iPhone.
    I must have notes (because some tasks for me need to be outlined and brain-stormed).
    If I try to get around it by entering additional text in the heading at a certain point I get the white screen effect and most of the text is lost (field obviously limited to ? characters)
    I have bought your paid version because I entirely agree with your philosophy and am trying to make the transition from Toodledo (which can be a Doris if you don’t get sucked-in to all the bells and whistles and is bug-free).
    Best wishes and many thanks,
    Dr Leslie Fisher.

  4. Demian Turner says:

    Hi Dr Fisher

    I’m afraid we haven’t implemented support for notes in the iPhone version yet, this is currently only available in the web version. When it’s done we’ll announce it on the website, please stay tuned.

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