Then along came Doris…

May 20th, 2009 by Pamela Poole

There I was, after over a year and multiple failed attempts, still without a solution to my task management problem. So what did I do?

legalpad2I went retrograde. Back to paper. But not Post-Its. For me, they’d gone the way of the dinosaur years before, when I got a laptop (those big monitors were good Post-It holders).

Once again, I had my trusty mini legal pad within easy reach, beside my computer. I’d completely given up.

Until I met Doris, that is.

Now I no longer have to write my urgent to-dos in giant letters with a Sharpie, scribble out completed to-dos, or flip back and forth through tattered pages to make sure I haven’t forgotten anything. I no longer have to kill trees. It’s all good.

With such an effortless system for managing tasks, my productivity has increased immensely. More importantly, my ability to concentrate is significantly greater, simply because I do not have random tasks floating around in my head distracting me and stressing me out. Doris is indispensable for productivity, but also for peace of mind—literally.

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