What do you have to do to get a decent to-do list around here?

May 18th, 2009 by Pamela Poole

After the Digital Post-It fiasco, I tried adding some to-do list gadgets to my iGoogle home page. The incredibly negative user comments under almost all of them steered me away from most (and made me think Google ought to be a little more discriminating about what gadgets they let people add.)

todotoosimple1I wanted total simplicity, and this is the gadget I kept longest because it had no learning curve and that retro legal pad look. Clearly I had not yet overcome my nostalgia for the days of Post-Its. Or paper, for that matter…

But it just sat there. I don’t spend any time on my iGoogle home page, and the gadget was just so limited that it never became part of my workflow (Or my playflow; I have fun to-dos in Doris too.)

Next I tried Remember the Milk, because I’d seen references to it here and there and it seemed to be popular. I’m now convinced people like it mostly because the cow is cute and the alternatives were so awful. In any case, it takes a lot more clicks in RTM to accomplish things you can do with a single click or a drag and drop in Doris, there are several different screens to deal with, and you have very limited options for displaying your info. Goldilocks (that’s me) found this app to be much too cumbersome.

At this point, I started to think that my ideal to-do list did not exist. But maybe the problem wasn’t the lists. Maybe it was me! I began to despair.

So what did I do then? You’ll find out…

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