Doris saved my sanity

May 13th, 2009 by Pamela Poole

Hello everyone!

My name is Pamela and I am a Very Busy Person. Just like you.

I’m also a fairly well-organized person. Which is why it has bugged me for years that nobody could seem to come up with a simple and effective to-do list application.

Yes, of course I use a calendar app, which happens to be Google Calendar. It’s great for lots of things, and I couldn’t live without it. (And Doris will soon sync with it!)

I also use a collaborative project management web app (Planzone) to manage the deadlines, activities, documents, people—essentially all the details of a couple of complex, ongoing projects.

But I had nowhere to put the cerebral flotsam and jetsam that was not associated with a specific date or event or project. Things like

  • Follow up with K— for coffee
  • Have V— close Google group
  • Discuss white labeling with L—
  • Check out [new web app name]
  • Contact Yahoo UK re bouncing e-mails

You get the idea. These are actual to-dos I have in Doris, and I have around 40 of them on any given day. I don’t get through 40 of them in a day; but I knock off a few, add a few, and drag them around as priorities change.

And to think I used to carry all this stuff around in my head. How did I not go insane?

I think I may be Doris’s biggest fan. That’s why I’ll be popping in here on this blog every now and then to do some comparative reviews of Doris and other to-do list apps. I’ll also share productivity tips and tricks I come across (or come up with) here on the Doris blog and through the Doris Twitter account (@dorisapp).

See you around!

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