Server outage last night

April 28th, 2009 by Demian Turner

Server Probs

Server Probs

My apologies to any of our users who were caught in last night’s outage – between 11.45pm and 2am GMT our server was totally out of action.  The reason, as explained by the provider that hosts our dedicated box – the server was scheduled for a move to a different data center.

Just to get the important facts straight:

  • no data was lost (we take nightly backups, see the about page)
  • Doris continues to run as normal since the server was switched back on

Now why was the server moved and why was the outage so long?  I must say in my 10 years of renting dedicated boxes I have never had a provider that a) moved boxes around and b) took so long to make an adjustment.  I have been assured this will not happen again.

I was actually warned that there would be down time, but neglected to read the email.  Again, it never occurred to me such an outage could be scheduled.  Next time I’ll read it right away!

My sincere apologies again to anyone who was stuck without Doris during this period.  This is the first and only outage we’ve had to date in the 6 months the site’s been live  – we’ll be sure to manage any future interruptions to your service more smoothly.

NB: for those techies interested, even if we’re topping 12k pageviews/day and did 26k Dashboard widget downloads in last few days, our server has not even broken out in a sweat yet (load avg remains well below 0.2).

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  1. coskunlar vinc says:

    12k pageviews/day and did 26k its very hard

  2. Demian Turner says:


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