Great news: when it rains it pours!

April 23rd, 2009 by Demian Turner

We’re feeling a little overwhelmed here at Doris HQ – seems everywhere we look we have great news!

I can only resort to bullet point form as there are too many things to mention:

  • Doris for the iPhone entered the AppStore top 100 charts in the Productivity category in 4 countries, we’re at #6 today in Russia, #35 this week for Sweden and #54 today in the UK
  • Apple decided to feature us in their Dashboard widgets page UPDATE: we’re #6 Dashboard widget on apple site
  • Andrei pointed out that we’re the #1 result in Google for productivity app
  • @ryancarson tweeted about Doris which sent a nice Twitter traffic bump
  • we also got written up in one of the top Russian blogs and that’s sending a ton of traffic our way

We’ve also been getting great feedback on Twitter and via email.

And if that wasn’t enough, My High Street, another iPhone app we launched on Tuesday is already at position #17 #2 in the UK AppStore (Navigation) and is getting tons of downloads.

Thanks for all the the Doris buzz guys – keep it coming and let’s make her the best productivity app around!

Doris Dashboard Widget

Doris Dashboard Widget

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4 Responses to “Great news: when it rains it pours!”

  1. neoascetic says:

    “we also got written up in one of the top Russian blogs and that’s sending a ton of traffic our way”
    +1 (:

  2. says:

    The only thing that we need now is a desktop app :)
    Adobe Air any one?

  3. Dmitri Lakachauskis says:

    I have development version of Air app on my laptop up and running. However, it might need a bit more attention. It will be available in a near future. :)

  4. Andrew Pryde says:

    I am glad to see you guys are getting on well. It is great to see a free application doing so well. Unfortunately and understandably doris is unable to compete (at the moment) with things as far as I’m concerned.

    Also if you can go down the route of a native mac app – it would be great. Air is the latest idea on the same plane as java apps – multi-platform but crap on them all.

    Thanks again – you’ve come along way since I reported the empty tasks bug.


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