Moving from Get Satisfaction to UserVoice

February 14th, 2009 by Demian Turner


We had a number of complaints, understandably, from users who wanted to leave feedback or suggestions and were being forced to go through a second registration at our Get Satisfaction site.

I have to admit when I selected the service I never imagined it would force users to sign up before accepting any comments, and that anonymous posting was out of the question.

After a lengthy exchange with the folks over at GetSatisfaction it became clear they have no plans to allow anonymous posting.  Duplicate signups go completely against the Doris mantra of simplicity, so I’ve moved our customer support over to UserVoice, which in fact seems easier to use, easier to read, and allows anonymous posts!

All submitted ideas have been moved across, as have the votes for each idea.  So please accept my apology for the slight disruption and I hope you find less friction with UserVoice.

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5 Responses to “Moving from Get Satisfaction to UserVoice”

  1. Tobias says:

    I am in the process of deciding whether to use UserVoice or GetSatisfaction. So after a view month, what do you think? Which service is better?

    Btw: Did you think about usint the GetSatisfaction (or UserVoice) Single-Signon-Feature? That would solve problem as well, wouldnt it?

    Does UserVoice have a import for GetSatisfaction Data? How did you move all the content?

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Demian Turner says:

    Hi Tobias – it’s quite an interesting subject! Although the respective owners deny it, ideally the 2 services need to be combined, their benefits are mutually exclusive. The MAIN downside of GetSatisfaction is how slow the site is, I find it unusable and am really surprised those guys don’t address the problem, the site’s been slow for at least 4-6 months I’ve been using it.

    But for voting on features, UserVoice is the clear leader in my opinion. The UV screen layout is much clearer, and at a glance you can really see what ideas are hot, with GS this is not possible. Try, for example, in GS to vote on more than 1 idea, a *lot* of clicks are required and non-obvious navigation path.

    Every once in a while we get bug reports in UV, the app is not suited to this at all. I generally redirect complaints to our mbox. Bugs can easily be deleted/redirected so not much overhead here to cover the defect.

    Finally there is the thorny issue of anonymous requests/comments. I actually had a very lengthy exchange with GS guys on this point and the are *totally* unwilling to allow anon comments – to be honest I switched to UV right after that. You have to let users who want to remain anonymous do so. Every once in a while an interesting comment that gets feedback is attached to an originally anonymous remark – that’s too bad for that commentor but the ensuing convo is beneficial for the whole community.

    GS single sign on also seems flaky to me, you have to wait ages for it to load, and first time I tried it, it first let me create a comment anonymously, then forced a single signed on, then presented me with a blank comment box. #fail

  3. Brandon Thomson says:

    Thanks for these helpful comments. I considered GS and UV and decided to migrate from to UV. I hope the author continues to work on the site.

  4. Robert A. says:

    After struggling for 03 months with UV, I decided to move on to . Is there an end to this? :)

    – Robert

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